CoasterBears is a group for roller coaster fans who identify themselves as bears. It originally started out as a mailing list for a group of men from the San Jose, CA area who liked to visit the local amusement park Paramount’s Great America to ride their then newest roller coaster Top Gun. Soon the small local group grew to an international group of about 70!

Today the coasterbears mailing list is a way for members to hook up with other bears for park visits, and to share trip reports and random roller coaster news. It’s a low-volume mailing list that gets a few messages a month, so if you join you don’t need to worry about being flooded with lots of mail.

While we’re mainly a mailing list, we’re also a club, and members can get personalized membership cards to show their membership.

Can I join?

Membership in CoasterBears is open to anyone with an e-mail address, but most of our members are gay men who identify themselves as bears or who enjoy spending time around bears. While there is no universally agreed-upon definition for a bear, they often have facial or body hair, are friendly and cuddly, and may have (as they say on the ride warning signs) “large physical proportions.”

Just click on the “Join” link on the left for more information.

What am I listening to?

If your browser is set up right, you're listening to “Baroque Hoedown” by Jean-Jacques Perry and Gershon Kingsley. Better known as the theme music to Disney’s Main Street Electrical Parade!

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